Tata Motors launches #NexonEVChargingStories campaign


To raise awareness about the growing EV Charging footprint to the public of our country, Tata Motors India’s one of the largest and leading Electric Vehicle (EV) brand recently launched its #NexonEVChargingStories campaign. This campaign is featured as a series of short videos which mainly presents the real-world use cases which help to demonstrate the comparison between the easiness of using home and a public charging point.

This campaign mainly emphasis on the tactile side and the emotional side of EVs and it further conveys the experience of hassle-free travel which mostly covers long-distance travels, remote locations or even weekend day trips which are too short to even mention.

The Tata Motors company released the first story of this campaign through social media platforms across the world. The first video featured the proud owner of Nexon Electric Vehicle Mr Uday Kiran, who shares to the world his overall experience as a purchaser of an EV. He also shares about his travel from Hyderabad to Vizag, totally covering a distance of 700 km. he speaks about the process of charging it at home as well as charging it at a public charging point that is available at the national highways. This service that is available on the highway that connects the two cities had helped him so much while travelling from one point to the other without any hassle.

While sharing about the launch of this campaign Mr Ramesh Dorairajan, the Head of Sales, Marketing and Customer Care of Tata Motors shared that “ there has been a significant rise in India regarding the EVs in the previous year and Tata Motor as a team is so proud to be a front-liner in this adaptation of EVs. We are not only providing with EV but also is creating an e-mobility eco-system that addresses the various barriers of EV adaptation. We are so happy to release this short series of videos to create awareness about the charging stations and the experience of hassle-free ownership”.

One of its key features is its charging infrastructure. Under this partnership, the company has already installed various fast-charging stations across the country especially in many metro stations like Mumbai, Delhi, Pune and Hyderabad. Free home charging stations are also offered with every Nexon EV.

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