Tenvis & IoTeX launches Ucam – World’s first Blockchain camera


IoTeX is a Silicon Valley-based technology platform for privacy-protecting smart devices partnership with Tenvis Technology Ltd, a global security camera manufacturer founded in 2005, announced the launch of new Ucam which is the world’s first Blockchain-powered home security camera that is now for sale on Amazon.

Ucam is the first perfectly private home security camera where users entirely own and control their videos. Ucam provides all of the latest security cameras features, also unequalled privacy and data freehold for users.

IoTeX has associated with expert camera manufacturer Tenvis to co-build this first-of-its-kind security camera with complete privacy. Ucam put in Blockchain, end-to-end encryption, and edge computing technology to distribute inaccessible security and privacy that provide users with the freedom to completely own, control, and share the videos captured by their Ucam.

Raullen Chai, CEO of IoTeX stated that they are proud to bring the first 100% private consumer product to the mass market with Ucam. It allows pet owners, parents, caretakers and more to safeguard their loved ones without ever worrying about being spied on. Only the owner of Ucam and authorized users can access the Ucam and their videos. The users will have peace of mind knowing there is no corporation operating or selling their data because all of it is owned by the user and not even the engineers have access under any circumstances.

The retail price of Ucam is under $50 on Amazon which was awarded the CES Innovation Award 2020 for Cybersecurity & Personal Privacy. It has all the characteristics of leading home security cameras on the market today, such as 1080p HD video, night vision, 360-degree coverage, motion detection alerts, and two-way audio. But the true different features are related to security and privacy. Blockchain is used by Ucam to remove the risk of brute-force password hacks and end-to-end-encryption to permit private live-stream video and recorded clips sharing.

Ucam demonstrates IoTeX’s vision to authorise user-centric smart devices that provide all of the benefits and features that users await but with full privacy. All evaluation is done locally on the Ucam device or the user’s mobile phone which eliminates the need for centralized servers entirely. The users’ data is decrypted is on the devices that they own and all the data is immediately end-to-end encrypted using a one-of-one Blockchain private key that is owned entirely by the user and impossible to break for maximum security.

The IoTeX platform integrates Blockchain, secure hardware and confidential computing to make sure users are the only ones in control of their devices and data. The IoTeX vision is inclusive of asset trackers, healthcare wearables, and other devices that control sensitive data.

The data ownership allow people with the freedom to select whether to keep their data fully private, share it with others or approve its use by corporations. This is contrary to today’s centralized models, which work as data dictatorships, where citizens must ask firm to transfer, delete or do anything else with their data, Chai stated.


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