The biggest marketing plan was to acquire SRK as a brand ambassador’


Godrej Consumer Products Limited (GCPL) has arisen as one of the prime FMCG companies in India, which has been labouring towards decreasing its plastic footprint and modifying corporate sustainability. The company has lately rolled out a new contribution branded as ‘Godrej Magic Bodywash’, a ready-to-mix body wash.

The innovation strives to motivate customers to decrease their usage of plastics and make sustainable selections for other everyday life activities, company officials announced. The product has been produced with 16 per cent plastic, and 44 per cent lower carbon emissions and diesel consumption. 

e4m spoke to Somasree Bose Awasthi, Chief Marketing Officer, Godrej Consumer Products, to comprehend her strategy for trading the innovative body wash.

Awasthi acknowledges, “GCPL is already catering to 1.5 billion people across the world with our exact range of personal care and other commodities. During the COVID-19 epidemic, people needed to utilize some of our categories, like liquid handwash, but the cost factor prevented them. Then we cut the price of handwash by ⅓.”

If the product accomplishes, the company will direct on more innovation and studying to come up with additional sustainable products, Awasthi told e4m. The largest marketing plan was to give a brand ambassador for the body washes, announces the GCPL official.

“Shah Rukh Khan was our natural intention because he is a greatly powerful character today. People aspire to simulate SRK. The fascinating part is, that people, realize his humble background and therefore associate with him and the personality he plays,” Awasthi announced.

“In the advertisement, SRK taunts himself. How many actors can do that? Only SRK can create an irony for himself. Through our product, we expected to facilitate environment-friendly practices. Today, customers are also anxious about climate change and sustainability. SRK is the true person to facilitate a product that is decent for the environment.”

GCPL has schemed 360-degree media campaigns dissipate across TV, digital and print. A fascinating combination of outdoor campaigns is also on the cards, announces the CMO.

“The money would be expended in the following three years on research and advancement programmes to emerge with new eco-friendly products, and also to correlate with NGOs to assist drive understanding about plastic waste,” Awasthi said. GCPL consumes nearly Rs 800 crore a year on advertising. The firm partnered with advertising-technology company InMobi the previous year to increase its digital marketing abilities.

When inquired about GCPL’s criteria in this respect, Awasthi announced in a guarded response, “With the reduction of the COVID pandemic, stuff like hand sanitisers remain gone. Nonetheless, consumption of media has risen digital and is still thriving. We are searching for customers wherever there are. We are boosting our digital existence but we can’t stake any statistics due to the quiet period”.

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