The Code of Conduct for ISBA Influencer Marketing has been launched


The Incorporated Society of British Advertisers (ISBA) has launched a Code of Conduct for Influencer Marketing, which aims to raise standards, facilitate relationships between industry partners, and provide transparency to customers. It was designed in collaboration with representatives from talent agencies and a group of influential people – with the goal of becoming an industry standard. It involves commitments from brands, agencies and talents.

Major aims are;

Provide customers with the transparency they expect and deserve – by specifying how (when) an ad should be advertised; By not using photo filters and misleading editing techniques; By fulfilling obligations to protect children and vulnerable groups.

Enable authentic and effective influencer marketing – by supporting influential people to convey their honest opinion about products; Supports their well-being from mental health to financial health; Zero tolerance to hateful content, always encouraging diversity and inclusion.

Improve brand / agency / talent relationships – by adjusting how all participants collaborate on campaigns; Agencies committed to playing a key role in regulating brands and capabilities; With clarity from brands in KPIs and those influential in helping to display ROI

The code can be incorporated into a legal document or legal agreement. When it started, brands, talent agencies and influencers across ISBA membership agreed to abide by the code – in the hope that others across the industry would follow suit.

The code completes the ISBA template agreements published in 2018, which will now be updated in accordance with the Code of Conduct.

“At best, Influencer Marketing allows for authentic and personalized advertising in a different manner.Similarly, those who are influential in terms of financial flows and mental health often face real challenges. At the same time, brands know that influencer marketing can be effective, but ROI is struggling to showcase. ”

Jill Dougan, Chairman of the ISBA Executive Committee and Director of British Gas Energy Consumer Affairs, said: “As marketing continues to grow, it is imperative that we move forward with new marketing channels to ensure that they are used honestly and authentically, but that there is still a great deal that Influencer Marketing involves engaging with, and engaging with, the general public.

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