The emergence of AI-Blockchain been a digital asset of personal data


Artificial Intelligence (AI) specialist Kneron decided about the launch of its KNEO platform on July 16, combining edge AI devices with blockchain technology to develop secure and private personal networks. The Kneron Neural-network Edge-AI Open platform also brought-forth with the invention of finding a digital asset out of the persona data that everyone pursues, which can be sold or made for the exchange to the corporation who needs them.

The term ‘edge AI’ doesn’t require to be connected to work properly, because it has the ability of processing data and taking decisions independently without any sort of connection. To utilize Edge AI, there is a need for a device combining a microprocessor and sensors. Stems can be managed by a central app and connect to improve each other’s abilities as they operate together and share data.

KNEO has made an initiative to connect several edge AI sensors or stems like microphones, cameras, and thermal sensors using blockchain technology. Kneron has also started an edge AI market place on google play and iOS to develop the open-source community to build a lot of applications that can update, alter or merge any AI devices to perform required specific tasks. Potential that utilize cases involve car maintenance, health, and preventative care, monitoring home energy usage, home security, and many more. The main work of the marketplace will also customers with corporations who have to purchase or utilize their blockchain-enabled data in the form of digital assets. Driving data that is collected over a year may be exchanged for discounted automobile insurance or shopping lifestyle and consumption of data may be sold to advertisers, brands, or market researchers.

Education is the key step to develop this process. KNEO has been taking steps to be a part of AI education in universities. There are a lot of significant universities in the United States, Taiwan, and Hong Kong has already started to use kneron’s technology in courses on AI development. Many developers and hobbyists can have an opportunity in developing applications using the KNEO stem and a Raspberry Pi. 

Artificial intelligence has been used concept around for nearly a hundred years, even though all those current development in networking, processing performance and storage have observed a slew of practical developments. The combination of Artificial Intelligence to build secure private customer AI networks develops a convergence of two of the touted technologies for the upcoming updates in the future. 


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