The era of Argumented Marketing


As technology continues to develop rapidly, marketers are leveraging the benefits of digital marketing tools to increase sales.

The number of marketing technology tools (also known as MarTech tools) increased from 150 in 2011 to around 8,000 today, an increase of 5,233% that suggests marketers embracing computerized help and data analytics.

Twilio found that the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated companies digital communication strategy by an average of six years, based on its survey of 2,569 companies.

Becoming Augmented Marketers with Data

We live in an era of augmented marketing. Because of the widespread availability of MarTech tools, marketers can upgrade marketing effectively – creating, examining, and focusing on their advertising and thus enabling them to move to new levels and paces of growth without additional staff time.

Marketers can use new technologies to improve their performance. Scott Brinker, the Editor of and VP of platform ecosystem at HubSpot, says humans will continue to play a vital role in marketing but, AI-enabled technology will add to their success. Scott suggests calling this new breed of marketers “augmented marketers.” Human thinking is defined by the creation and control of models, as evaluating models and choosing how to apply them is still a uniquely human capability.

Enhancing the Marketing Toolkit

The development of MarTech tools will promote effective marketing. The industry requires software that assists marketers that lack technological knowledge or skills to make applications and provide insight into data that previously required skilled technical professional experts.

Here are ways AI tools can increase marketers efforts without getting technical experts assistance:

  • Targeting content:

By collecting and analyzing customer behaviour, marketers can use this data to customize content that engages various audience groups and do effective content planning.

  • Personalized Advertisements:

Marketers can use analytics tools to promote ads to the relevant customer, communicating more directly with each individual and improving connections.

  • Parsing Measurements:

Marketers can use the real-time data about customers behaviour about your content for effective strategic and creative decision-making.

  • Translating for Global Markets: 

AI translation tool can expand the audience for promoting your content and enable entrance into the global market.

Developing an Important Methodology

Because increasing marketing channels manually is a difficult task, data and analytics tools are essential for marketers looking to improve performance. Businesses must figure out how to market on more channels in today’s digital-first marketplace or risk falling behind.

This phase change implies that trying to advertise through all or most channels at once is a mistake one must avoid. Begin by determining what matters most to your business and customers, then put 90% of your work in to improve those things. The right marketing analytics tool will aid marketers to understand where they get the most Return On Investment(ROI) on their efforts and take action on those.

Bringing Human Wisdom and Targeted Power Together

Marketers in “augmented marketing” get to decide how to best use the new MarTech tools. It is natural to feel you need to use all of the available tools in this fast-changing and turbocharged field. However, directing your energy in a specific direction is a better way to go.

The overarching goal is to expand your market. When you combine your human intelligence with the targeted power of marketing analytics tools, you will be able to accomplish incredible things. When you adopt this new approach, you will notice a significant improvement in your marketing techniques. 

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