The future of AI & robotics is being shared by Indian EdTech companies


In 2020, India’s EdTech enterprises will have realized their full potential. In 2016, the NITI Aayog, which is responsible for creating a state-of-the-art resource center to encourage research and innovation for the Indian government, launched a program to educate young people about entrepreneurship.

While the COVID-19 epidemic has affected India’s education system by changing it from on-premises to online since 2020, AIM has not been fully implemented in schools. Despite the difficulties, the necessity for practical learning for future adults must be maintained.

AI and Robotics are being used by EdTech companies

  1. Stemrobo technologies

This Noida-based EdTech firm focuses on utilizing technology in education and was founded in 2015. Through a team of 200+ innovative engineers, the firm delivers Custom Designed Patented DIY Kits, STEM-based Toys Innovative Pedagogy, World-Class Content, and Methodologies to draw young minds to subjects like STEAM, robotics, IoT, and artificial intelligence.

  1. Robokart

RoboKart’s objective is to enhance STEM in India through exploring, experimenting, and learning robots the proper way. Robokart has endeavored to bring this project to government schools in remote regions, in addition to giving components to set up labs in public schools.

3. Whizrobo

Whizrobo, based in Ludhiana, sells artificial intelligence and robotics technologies and training materials to the K-12 market. The firms offer online courses, Robotic Kits, and Online Workshops to encourage young minds to develop by raising awareness about STEM education.

4. Avishkaar

The firm has been manufacturing and selling robotic kits since its beginnings in 2009. The business, which focuses on robotics, also creates an in-school robotics curriculum for kids and installs robotics and science laboratories in schools. Avishkaar aspires to establish an environment with interactive learning experiences that promote creativity in STEAM domains, as its name suggests.

5. Comp Point 

Comp Point has established Atal Tinkering Lab in 35 schools to cultivate pupils as neoteric innovators and future prodigies. Faculty receive appropriate training, students receive mentorship to produce tech-based projects, and adaptable layout designs may be adapted to meet the needs of the school.

Comp Point conducts contests, exhibits, and workshops in addition to lab facilities to spark interest in STEM areas.

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