The Great Indian Travel Sale at MakeMyTrip is currently underway


MakeMyTrip is ready to bring excitement to your travel plans even before you take that long-awaited holiday. It’s raining discounts everywhere, but MakeMyTrip is amplifying the excitement by throwing the sale with incredible bargains to be won every day!

And, before you spin into the thrill of completing your trip plans, all you have to do is ‘Spin the Wheel’ to access assured and never-before-seen bargains each time you start spinning. So, go ahead and take a chance on MakeMyTrip’s Great Indian Travel Sale.

 MakeMyTrip is an Indian online travel firm that was started in 2000. The firm, based in Gurugram, Haryana, offers online travel services including as aeroplane tickets, local and international vacation packages, hotel reservations, train and bus tickets. Deep Kalra is the creator and group executive director of the India’s online travel firm MakeMyTrip. As of March 31, 2018, they have 14 company-owned travel stores in 14 cities, over 30 franchisee-owned travel stores in 28 cities, and counters in four major airports in India.

MakeMyTrip features ‘Wheel Gold’ deals for you. There are 25% immediate discount coupons on high-end hotels and INR 1,000 off tickets on buses and domestic flights to be won – maybe it’s time to set your vacation dates. There are also flat 25% discount vouchers available at select resorts for individuals planning overseas travel in the coming months. MakeMyTrip also provides a chance to win a flat 20% discount on more exclusive stays in villas and independent stays.

You may win immediate discount coupons worth 12% on top domestic hotels or a flat 12% discount on select foreign hotels with our ‘Wheel Silver’ deals. There are also discounts on outstation cab journeys for people planning road vacations. Manthan coupons may also be used to win up to INR 2,500 in taxi upgrades or INR 300 in immediate savings. Daily coupons worth INR 750 off domestic flights are also up for grabs, which can be used at any time in the following three months.

 And something for all, as promised. Draw the wheel to get a 10% immediate discount on high-quality domestic hotels. You can also earn up to 25% off on vacation packages or flat 10% off foreign hotel vouchers.. Bus fares and domestic flights are also available. The clock is on your long schedules and the clock has been set to win some of the best discounts on the journey! Before it is too late, it’s time to spin! On 16 August the Great Indians Travel Sale expires, so what do you expect? Go to MakeMyTrip and before anyone else steal these agreements.

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