Don’t pick or be a prick: Cadbury Dairy Milk decided to oppose cyberbullying


Cadbury Dairy Milk has launched the second part of its #HeartTheHate Campaign. Initiated in 2019, the campaign addresses the issue of cyberbullying and urges viewers to exhibit generosity, a behaviour that is essential to the brand’s narrative.

Anil Viswanathan, Senior Manager Marketing, Mondelez Inde, commented on the launch of the second edition of the digital campaign: “Cadbury Dairy Milk as a brand thinks that a little kindness may go a long way. Cyberbullying affects everyone, especially today’s youth. Apart from the direct impact of bullying, the apathy of the silent observer has a significant influence on the victims. While we were happy to witness the impact created by #HeartTheHate, in 2019, we realised that so many tasks remained to be done. We want to confirm ‘Purple Heart’ as an emoticon through the next part of the campaign that helps to show sympathy with the bullied persons. This ad uses clever technologies to make it clear to customers how their silence and speak up for the victims may make an enormous contribution to their lives.”

The campaign’s second version is based on findings from a recent poll done by Cadbury Dairy Milk in collaboration with ‘Inshorts’. Out of the total 1.7L participants, 42 percent reported being cyberbullied, and 55 percent reported not receiving assistance from friends when cyberbullied.

The campaign’s digital videos make a convincing argument for the need of speaking out when witnessing cyberbullying. The victims are shown in vulnerable states after being bullied in the videos, and the audience is encouraged to take a stance and assist the victim by clicking on a link in the video. Multiple sequences of incidents from the victims’ lives are produced based on the viewer’s action or inaction.

 When the viewer hits the link to submit a Purple Heart for the victim, they are shown in real time how relieved the sufferer feels. If the viewer disregards the message or skips the pre-roll commercial, they are targeted by another ad that depicts the victim getting even more harmed by the bullying. This technique has been extended to other social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and audio platforms such as Saavn and Spotify, allowing viewers to engage with them by acting as real-time bystanders to abuse.

The campaign is backed up by a variety of integrated marketing tactics, including influencer outreach. Cadbury Dairy Milk has also collaborated with a prominent cyberpsychologist to conduct training at 20 universities around the country. The main aim of the campus commitments would be to raise awareness and to showcase the several ways young people may handle online bullying.

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