The Kintree app which builds an online family tree


In a world where technology helps strangers connect by chats and calls which will eliminate the quality time with family member, Kintree strives to reconnect not only with immediate family but extended family as well. The all-in-one social media platform for families serves as a valuable, user-friendly platform for anyone who wants to be informed of important family developments while maintaining complete privacy and taking relations to digital platforms.

In today’s scenario, it is important to hold on to one’s cultural heritage so that one knows one’s identity, culture is root of human identity one’s culture is duty to perform regularly. Kintree offers a solution by creating a family foundation that allows immediate and extended family members to be added. Its primary function is to help capture the spirals of family history in simple steps to create a family tree.

The smooth user interface of the platform is suitable for multi-generational use. Kintree also provides a secure medium for sharing pictures and updates between families. Available in various regional languages. The brainchild of Iftikhar Khan and Shyam Zaveri, co-founders, Kintree aims to break the language barrier and foster connections around the world.

Speaking on the launch of the platform, Iftikhar Khan, Co-Founder, Kintree said, “Our core belief is always family first. The seed for Kintree was planted when we identified a gap in accessing and reaching out to extended families regardless of where they are. Kintree serves as a unique and secure medium for discovering and connecting with long-lost relatives, anytime, anywhere.”

Shyam Zaveri, Co-Founder, of Kintree said, “It’s a small world! This becomes a fast reality when one starts using Kintree. If you’re someone who doesn’t even know the names of more than 20% of your family members, now you can see them all on a single screen. In addition, Kintree helps many generations older grandparents and the life they lived.”

Kintree is a free family social network designed to help families connect virtually in the busy times we live in. As a Kintree member, you can build your strong family network by sharing fun videos, pictures and text messages. Approach closeone and approach farone.

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