Django Digital focus on awakening brands through social networking


Django Digital is a promising integrated digital solution provider which was founded in 2019, by the entrepreneurial duo, Shivang Shah and Aashay Shah. In a day and age where the digital space is surrounded by the content. Django Digital attempts to create a clutter-breaking solution. A promising agency, which has been very successful and had even build a gap between brands and the right conversation.

Meanwhile, in a talk with exchange 4media, Aashay Shah and Shivang Shah, who are the founders of Django Digital had talked about the entrepreneurial journey and boosts their success story. What sets their brand apart is their working skills with owner-led brands, in which founders are very much interactive in the decision-making. This had aided them to understand specific markets better and had been very beneficial in their dept of knowledge in the array of industries.

However, these varied and extensive experiences had given the lessons, to endow them an unparalleled insight to their major audiences. This could also help them to socialize with anyone from any respective brand.

Moreover, they had even worked with newer brands such as Storia Foods, Fin Water, Prodapt, Skinnsi, toothsi. They had even got a chance to work with some top players in the industries like Jio Fiber, White Owl Brewery, BookMyShow, Society Tea, and many others. The main objective of Django is to Digitally awaken brands with the help of social, e-commerce, and influencer networking and this is their mission statement. They intend to have a creative approach so that they could achieve success with each brand they have worked with.

The scenario around the second wave has become very different from the pandemic has been in 2020. Their agency’s perspectives as well as the result they want are continuously changing. They are keeping an eye on everything and had focused on several brands, influencers, businesses that restrict from sharing regular branded content on their pages, and now they giving us details on Covid19 relief requirements.

Hence, their agency has a strategy and criteria to influence their clients on the content they are working with, they had even started to build a case to restrict promotions for some time, and currently, they were supposed to concentrate on covid-19 related content.

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