The new digital campaign ‘Call Reason’ launched by Truecaller


Smartphone application Truecaller has now released the first campaign after they released ‘Call Reason’ one month before. As part of the campaign two short films ‘Waaris’ and ‘Kidnap’ will be released on the brand’s social media platforms. Earlier this week the trailer for the first film was launched. Truecaller users can see reasons why someone’s calling them due to Call Reason and also lets them send a reason when they are calling someone. The brand launched this feature in October in line with a request for the same by users. They had an interview with afaqs in which they mentioned that each of the films Bollywood-esque drama, archetypal, where the protagonist has to decide whether to take the call or not in a life changing situation.

There are two endings for both of the films, one where he accepts the call and the one in which he rejects the call. All of these endings had their hard-hitting consequences If there was a Call Reason the protagonist could have made a logical reason to accept or not- This was the catch. The director of the marketing of Truecaller commented that most of the customers have demanded Call Reason. This campaign has brought about a new way in life where one can accept or decline the call by knowing the reason. This campaign makes people take an effective decision and makes them take the right call. They pointed out that they are very excited about this new idea and hoping that the community would love it and also the campaign around it.

The writer and director of the films, Pranav Harihar Sharma commented that the idea behind the videos was to make it like a film rather than ads. Sharma shares that the film was shot within two days period on a large scale. The reverse technique for the film came up by him. They decided to release a trailer and give out posters since they are featuring it as a film. There was engaging, informative, and user-generated content which was the social extension of the campaign to raise awareness for the Call Reason feature. Truecaller has also released the ‘Schedule SMS’ and ‘SMS Translate’ feature in October along with Call Reason. The purpose of Schedule SMS is to extend the platform’s caller ID feature to make a message reminder in any events, meetings, etc. The use of SMS Translate is to instantly translate the content of the message into Truecaller without leaving the app.


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