WhatsApp which is a Facebook-owned messaging platform has been the catch-22 situation over growing concern about data sharing among users with Facebook. In the middle of the heated discussion on the new privacy policy, a front-page ad was released in the leading newspapers by WhatsApp so that the fear in its user can be decreased. These users are leaving the platform in a herd to rival messaging platforms like Telegram and Signal. To decrease the tide of migration of users to other platforms multiple clarifications might be needed. To discuss the matter that caused the public outcry Facebook which is a parent company of WhatsApp called a meeting of its India Client Council.

A different group of agency partners, leading clients. It is a forum to share innovative ideas about the future of marketing. The print ad said the private messages, and calls cannot be accessed by Facebook and WhatsApp. According to WhatsApp, our shared location cannot be seen by Facebook and WhatsApp. To protect their service from abuse, and spam they use group membership to deliver messages, this says that the WhatsApp group remain private. They claim that they don’t share this data with Facebook for the ad. They assured us that they can’t see the content of the private chat which is end-to-end encrypted. Finally, they said they don’t share the contacts of ours to Facebook or any other apps. But the clarification of WhatsApp did no gain much trust from the people. Vijay Shekhar Sharma, CEO, and founder of Paytm said that as far a privacy policy is concerned the double standard practiced by Facebook is questionable. To air his views, he took the help of Twitter.

He said in a tweet without any proof that Facebook/WhatsApp that they are abusing their monopoly by compromising on user privacy. He told the Twitter users to go to Signal, a messaging app. Sam Balsara who is chairman of Madison World said that If WhatsApp does not amend its privacy policy then it will lose about 10-15% of its existing user base. He pointed out that he is glad that India is getting conscious about the rights, and he believes that WhatsApp will make adjustments to their privacy policies for us.

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