The Response Phase to the Recovery Phase: A new focus shift by organizations


The content summarizes key takeaways about the current scenario and few insights of the recovery phase at organizations shared by Sachin Khurana, Chief People Officer & Vice President at Happiest Minds Technologies which has been ranked as a “Great place to work” consistently.

With the pandemic spread across the entire globe, everything took a new definition, from productivity to flexibility in both personal lives and at the workplace. Every organization is on their struggle to get back on track and sustain itself in the business market. The focus has shifted from the response phase to the recovery phase. Safety, wellbeing, and business lifecycle has become top priorities.

Sachin Khurana shared his views on the current major issue of burnouts, thriving people, and manager’s role in the new world of work. He also highlighted the new practices implemented at his workplace. For any organization to be successful, it should have the best cooperative team, their efforts, collaboration, and trust for each other altogether. Employees witnessed and were victimized by anxiety, uncertainty, and loss which are considered to be the major reasons for burnouts. The phase is similar everywhere from large businesses, MNCs to even the political system. The effects of the pandemic were severe in the initial stage as no resolutions were known to survive the situation. In addition to it, unclear boundaries and increased communication created more stress. But gradually mankind learned to resilient to crisis. People have started integrating with the new working model (WFH) with better communication, better routines, and the ability to eliminate unnecessary commitments. At the same time, no initiatives would make wonders if the managers do not support his team or employees appreciate the benefits offered to them.

At The Happiest Minds Technologies

Here, wellness and engagement programs are designed such that employees’ priority (kids) has empathized, various mental relaxation support programs were conducted. Transparency and open communication were exercised to build a positive work environment and to build strong social connections. 

Resilience with new leadership, wherein leaders who would prioritize employees and their efforts can navigate and succeed without much struggle at times of uncertainties.


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