“The Sound of Lockdown”: A Digital Initiative for Tata Motors Finance Limited


Logic serve group is a new-age digital marketing company that offers the unique comprehensive suite of digital marketing experience to all. It has created a new digital video file called “The Sound of Lockdown” for the Tata Motors Finance. The video deals with the daily routine works and it has converted it into a well structured interacting and enchanting experience for all their customers.

The digital film allows the customers to imagine the special moments in their life through an excellent audio experience from the film. They considered this as a distinct way to interact with their customers, while the people are busy with getting adapted to the new life.

Marketing Head of Tata motors said that COVID 19 has badly impacted them and their shareholders. So the creative digital partnership with the Logic serves digital has helped them to make this audio file for having a strong connection with the customers and shareholders. They hope that it can enhance their brand value to another level even in this pandemic period. The actual aim of this creative audio file is to make the customers and partners understand that this is a temporary situation and we can overcome this situation through joint support.

Manesh Swamy, Vice president of Logic serve Digital said that, at this current pandemic scenario, the traditional way of a story narrating is not so effective and they have changed it into a fresh approach where the content is clearly separated from all sort of clutters with a baritone voiceover.

During the making of this digital film, the company has always tried to keep the full essence of brand ethos and the present emotional health of customers. They have also used a very well messaging technique to gain the full attention of customers in this lockdown life. Sounds helped the customers to experience some uniqueness in all ways. All sounds in the film have the capability to teleport customers, by having a strong bond with the brand, and this also gives some hope that things will get better soon.

The social media platform of brand was used for sharing the digital film and was appreciated by all of its customers for the uniqueness in the way it is made.


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