#HelpIndiaHeal campaign: An initiative from Radio city and Plan India


Deadly COVID-19 Pandemic has already impacted the lives of the many in India and across the globe. A non-Profit organization for women and young women referred to as “Plan India” and complete collaboration with Radio City, a famous FM station, has begun to raise funds for various Social activities across six cities in India.

 #HelpIndia Heal Campaign is such a sort of program initiated by Radio city and Plan India, mainly focused on the adversely affected population. It is a 15 days campaign ranging from 15 June 2020 to 30 June 2020. Radio City will circulate Public welfare messages, encourage the listeners to create continuous contributions towards this Plan India collaborated campaign. Both the Organizations have come jointly to fulfill the motive and mission of providing various financial aid assistance and public health information to groups or communities, who face such adversity during this pandemic period. All the funds that have arisen during this campaign program are accustomed to distribute hygiene kits or equipment and food for many vulnerable backward families across six cities in New Delhi. Kanpur, Ranchi, Luck now, Bikaner and Patna.

#HelpIndia Heal Campaign was launched on 15 June 2020. It’s an entire nation-wide campaign program, which joins the collaboration and financial strength to reply to the particular needs and desires of women, young women, and their poor families, which also includes the adversely affected COVID-19 population too.

Mohammed Asif, Plan India’s decision-maker said that Plan India’s second stage of humanitarian activity begins only after the relief of this lockdown and one in all the most agendas is to still provide nutrition to children, girls, and young women, who are daily wage earners and to vulnerable families. Radio city played an enormous role as an associate during this campaign, by giving popularity, mass appeal, and nation-wide network connections. Karthik Kalla, Chief Creative Officer of Radio City said that within the collaboration with Plan India we weren’t only raising funds but ensuring that every one the problems of ladies and young women are addressed and solved. Until now, Plan India has supported 65,000 families, meeting the wants of 260,000 people on the bottom. Plan India is additionally supporting the initiative of national agencies like Niti Aayog. The organization also engages with other local bodies to have correct healthcare information, correct messages, and for correct working and execution of the campaign successfully.


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