The stock market line-up: Important companies to follow


In a constantly redefining stock market, what is the arbitrary fact that determines the growth potential of a single share? Can this be controlled or interpreted properly on a sheet? What are the possibilities of week trading sessions and minimal gains on a weekly scale?

As we all know Nifty and Sensex are indexes used to show the performance of top companies. Nifty shows the index of the top 50 companies in the stock market, whereas Sensex shows the top 30 indexes.

There was a 1.5% gain in the stock market trading session last week but the monthly expiry of F&O has made numerous investment opportunities on a caution overdrive. The investors in the stock market have a clear idea about investing in high return areas, but recently all the investors are convinced that the short-term trend for Nifty remains to be a good opportunity. Ever since the word spread about small-cap and midcap shares, they are performing better in the weekly indices benchmark consistently for weeks. The availability of these shares will have high excess in the liquidity. This liquidity is the factor that is attracting foreign investors to the market front. The possibility of investment and its limitations are certainly a hindering factor but that is not altering the decision process of the investors, both domestic and foreign alike. Cash as equity saw more than Rs 40000 crore in inflow last month alone. That is no small leap whatsoever.

The telecom sector like Vodafone Idea, Bharti Airtel will continue its focus on the undergoing bankruptcy in Telco insolvency proceedings by the supreme court. The banks that have involvement in Telco will also join them in the ongoing proceedings. Later, the supreme court has to establish who will pay the dues, may it be the telecom companies or the banks that are associated with this them.

The Phoenix mills openly admitted about the amount they have raised through a qualified platform of institutional placement. About Rs, 1100 crore was raised.  The company also said that they are waiting for the capital raising committee’s approval for issuing allotment. Singapore government picked up 40% of the total shares offered by the company in the issue.

On the bank front, Panjab National Bank’s provisions for bad loans has been increased to 100% since they reported a standalone Net profit of Rs 308 crore in the last quarter.

NTPC continues to gain speed and advantage for two consecutive weeks now. The public sector entity informed the stock exchange that they are about to receive approval from NITI Aayog, department of investment and public asset management, ministry of finance, the government of India.

ICICI Lombard will acquire Bharti AXA General insurance. The board members of both companies have agreed to approve an appropriate scheme of arrangement to proceed forward.

The stock exchange is a very dynamic construct. It has waves and impacts according to the decisions of each company and all the external factors that influence these companies. Therefore close attention is eminent in stock markets.


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