The ‘success is waiting’ campaign by Akash Digital’s is gaining the heart of viewers


Yuvraj Sing is featuring the new campaign of Akash Digitals the “Success is Waiting” and has also clocked over 30 million campaign views.

Akash Digital’s have come up with a great theme for their campaign and the most interesting part is that they have picked the aptest person for their campaign. The power of success stories always makes an impact on everybody or it will give positive motivation to everyone but the true power lies in comeback stories, it has the true potential to inspire many. Akash Digital’s are giving the information that every person is not made only to taste the victory without failure but it’s all the more power to those who get up, brush off, and try again. 

Akash Digital has picked Yuvraj Sing for their campaign is because Yuvraj Sing is a great example for those who are planning to come back to their field by correcting their mistakes and putting much more effort. The campaign “Success is Waiting” by Akash Digital is purely based on a comeback that the company is coming back to the market. The campaign by Akash Digital focuses mainly on the students who are reappearing for medical and engineering entrance examinations and urges them to not give up.

Akash Digital has gained vast attention from their advertisement. Akash Digitals has presented their advertisement in a very effective way. They brought Yuvraj Sing to their campaign as he is the greatest sports personality who competed with a deadly disease called cancer. Yuvraj Sing faced the difficulty of cancer during the period of the 2011 World Cup. He played the World Cup and he was awarded man of the series. He then went on cancer treatments and fight like a monster and shown a stunning come back to the squad. Akash Digital has taken Yuvraj Sing as the motivator to the viewers.

The campaign video off Akash Digital has conceptualized in partnership with cheil India. The campaign video is not only published through YouTube, but also it has been shared by Yuvraj Sing on his official Instagram account, and the video was reshared by Indian former legendary cricketer Irfan Pathan and Harbhajan Sing.


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