The top electric two-wheelers companies from 2022 that made a difference.

Electric two wheeler vehicles
Electric two wheeler vehicles have created a buzz in the market for being fuel efficient and eco-friendly.

The rise in the demand for electric two-wheeler vehicles in the past years has been a very interesting development for many commuters who not only wish to save money on fuel but also want to reduce carbon emissions from their vehicles. With technology advancing at an unprecedented rate, there are now more options than ever when it comes to electric two-wheelers. In this article, let’s drive through the five companies that have made significant contributions to the popularity of these eco-friendly vehicles in 2022.

1)Ola Electric

Ola Electric gained popularity for its fuel efficiency and green mobility.

Ola Electric was undoubtedly the most popular electric two-wheeler brand in 2022. Ola established the world’s largest 2W factory in Tamil Nadu with a capacity that can produce up to 10 million units a year. Ola Electric caught a lot of attention for being fuel efficient and eco-friendly and became India’s top two-wheeler electric brand. Ola Electric sold the most number of electric bikes in 2022 and became India’s biggest electric 2W seller with 1,05,861 registered bikes in 2022.

2)Okinawa Autotech Pvt Ltd

Okinawa Autotech Pvt Ltd
Okinawa’s Praise Pro model has caught a lot of eyes for its stylish look coupled with high performance riding.

Okinawa Autotech’s s Praise pro model, which offers high performance riding experience coupled with attractive styling, created a buzz in the market. This brand is quickly climbing up the ladder toward success in India’s EV segment. In terms of sales, Okinawa became the second most popular electric 2W brand in 2022 selling 1,00,826 registered bikes.

3)Hero Electric Vehicles

Hero Electric 2 Wheeler
Hero Electric has been pioneering the electric two wheeler market for years now due it’s appealing models.

Founded back in 2007, Hero eFirm is one of the oldest players operating in the two-wheeler electric vehicle segment and has been pioneering the green mobility sector for years now. They offer products that are suitable for both city commutes as well as long journey commutes such as Dash Deluxe DX Model or Cruise LX Models respectively. Hero Electric became the third biggest seller of electric 2W. It made sales in 2022 with 96,110 sold electric scooters.

4)Ampere Vehicles India Pvt LTD

Ampere Electric Scooters by Greaves Cotton
Ampere Electric Scooters have been a significant player in the electric scooter market.

Greaves Cotton, a publicly-listed firm has been aiming to make its EV presence stronger in India by bringing its own electric scooters, e-rickshaws, and dealerships. It sold a total of 79,161 electric scooters in India in 2022.

5)Ather Energy

Ather Energy
Ather Energy offers scooters packed with interesting features such as geo-fencing & last mile connectivity solutions.

One of the earliest players in the EV space, this company is well known for its premium offerings such as the 450X and 340 scooters. This brand offers scooters packed with interesting features such as geo-fencing & last mile connectivity solutions. The company has also set up several charging stations across major cities for convenience. Ather was the fifth biggest electric scooter company in 2022 with a total sale of 50,236 units.