The Yoga Institute Mumbai to provide free COVID recovery program


The oldest organized yoga center, The Yoga Institute Mumbai launched a free yoga program, free of cost exclusively for the speedy recovery of COVID patients. The special yoga program aims to help recovery patients to get back their lives on track.

The Yoga Institute, Santacruz East Mumbai, is considered one of the oldest yoga centers in the world founded by Shri Yogendraji. The Yoga Institute has always strived to reach out to the common people and help them to lead a healthy, happy, and balanced life in a world that constantly throws up challenges. The idea that yoga is not only meant for the bearded men in the mountains but the common men who work, toil, commute, and fight the battles of life every day, was first introduced by The Yoga Institute.

Many experts and physicians recommend that yoga and meditation are very much helpful for those recovering from COVID-19. Yoga does not just encourage mindfulness, but it also helps to enrich the mental well-being of people, which is very much crucial during this pandemic. The Yoga Institute has always been at the forefront of helping and supporting people in times of need. The Yoga Institute has taken up several free yoga initiatives to spread the purpose and benefits of Yoga to the common people.

The special yoga program launched by The Yoga Institute features a series of yoga sessions that would be conducted by highly trained and professional yoga teachers, who have been certified in classical yoga by The Yoga Institute. All the yoga teachers in the program have hands-on yogic knowledge from Ma Dr. Hansaji Yogendra herself. The new yoga program that would be delivered at the COVID center at Kole Kalyan in Mumbai, will not just consider the physical need of the recovery patient, but also cater to their mental, emotional and spiritual needs.

 The Yoga Institute Mumbai, since its inception has spearheaded the “Yoga for the Householder” movement in the world. The institute offers various programs and initiatives like teacher training courses, books on yoga therapy, traditional scriptures, asanas, pranayama, and various other subjects on yoga education. The Yoga Institute has worked tirelessly to propagate the idea of household yoga and to make yoga accessible to all.

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