Oracle unveils its first ad measurement tech for 3D-Ingame environments


Cloud major Oracle recently launched the world’s first-ever ad measurement technology for the 3D In-game environments. According to the company, this launch would help the marketers to understand the performance of video games in a much better way. This was launched on the 12th of May 2021.

As per the Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience (CX), their latest updates include various impressions delivery and General Invalid Traffic (GIVT) measurement that are accessible from a mobile phone, PC, and other web-based gaming environments in ‘Oracle Moat Measurement’. According to the recent data given by Omdia, a market research firm this ad is expected to hit a revenue of $56 billion by the year 2024.

Mr Derick Wise, the Chief Product Officer of Oracle Advertising said that “Nowadays as the gaming industry is having a leap in their growth, they become a key industry to invest by the advertisers’, it is also crucial that these advertisers measure whether these ads were created to serve the humans and they even detect any fraudulent activity that takes place in the gaming environment.

The announcement about the first ad measurement in this industry symbolizes it as an important step put forward by the company to understand the performance of this ad in the 3d in-game environment. He also adds that we are proud to be able to equip different advisers with the confidence in us and also with the tools they need to make these highly informed buying decisions to reach their wide audience from across the world”.

Advertisers can also introduce new users to this fast-growing channel but at the same time, it also targets advertising fraud. While working with many leading advertisement platforms like Anzu, Adverty, Frameplay etc., Oracle Moat enables their advertisers to effectively measure impressions and GIVT to know whether it’s an ad for humans or to spend on fraudulent activities.

Oracle Moat, a part of Oracle Advertising helps different brands, agencies, publishers and various other platforms to solve their media measurement challenges across digital and TV. The measurements suites include cross-platform reach, brand safety attention and brand ad verification.

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