This Holi, celebrate the love for food with Gas-O-Fast


Holi, the festival of colours and the festival of love is one of the most celebrated festivals across India with much pomp and enthusiasm. The joyous carnival is all about colours, and an excuse to eat all your favourite food items. Traditional holi cuisines like gujiya, rasmalai, malpua, fritters and many other dishes are cooked in homes- which awaken the senses and keep your spirits high. However, eating small bites of snacks every five minutes leads to gas, acidity and hinders the celebrations.

Gas-O-Fast, an Ayurvedic and Natural antacid brand by Mankind Pharma that comes with natural Jeera and natural Ajwain variants, fights against acidity, gas and indigestion that can hijack the occasion of joy and celebration.

Gas-O-Fast has come up with a video message by its brand ambassador Saurabh Shukla suggesting people intake Gas-O-Fast to get relief from acidity and gasThe humour being evoked in the video stems from something close to the product world – heartburn – coming alive. The video has been promoted across all social media platforms.

Additionally, to add some more fun to the festive feels, Gas-O-Fast has also come up with a contest to engage with their audience. The Facebook-driven contest which will last for 5 days consists of three different activities. Each activity will focus on a different aspect of Holi as a festival.

Contest 1, Gas-O-Fast will give 4 ingredients to their audiences to share their #Rangeen Recipe of the dish/drink that can be made from those ingredients.

Contest 2, An illustration based creative will be posted wherein they will ask the audience to spot Holi essentials

Contest 3, a product integration post wherein a bunch of people in a holi party will be holding glasses of Gas-O-Fast and we will ask the audience to spot the number of GOF glasses.

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