Titan Ragas’s Pride Campaign: celebrates self expression


Titan Raga’s Pride campaign touches upon themes of gender fluidity. The campaign, for the first time, touches upon themes of inclusivity in self-expression.

Titan Raga has made a name for itself with its progressive and sensitive advertising. Titan Raga’s advertisements have always been on the front line for years. It’s the newest campaign is in line with this progressive thinking, which differentiates the brand from others.

The Titan Raga campaign is titled ‘Proud to be me’, and it claims to be a bid to encourage inclusivity in society. The campaign talks about the importance of nurturing our relationship with our self and also to embrace who we are.

The film shows the joyful art of dressing up as we wish. Kumar Iyer is seen dressing up elegantly in a saree, doing his makeup, and putting on an elegant neckpiece. A masculine individual applying makeup and wearing jewelry, in addition to putting on a Titan Raga watch, would normally be disliked, but the film normalizes it, to a certain extent.

Sirish Chandrashekar, the marketing head, Titan Watches, says that from ‘Khud se Naya Rishta’ to ‘Flaunt your flaws’, Titan Raga has always looked at advertising through a feminine perspective.

In honor of this month, the ‘Pride month’ team Raga wants to reach out and motivate everyone to be true to themselves. Thus sending a positive message of inclusivity and self-expression. Chandrasekhar added, the campaign comes with an inner message ‘What you feel is who you are’.

He added that in the current lockdown episode, caring oneself by dressing up is a powerful way to uplift our spirits and feel good about oneself. Especially during these gloomy days, it’s good to appreciate oneself and celebrate ones being, by self-care. Not necessarily we need an occasion to dress up and feel good about oneself. The campaign also focuses on the need for our society to accept people the way they are.

Titan has always come up with ads that focus on women empowerment. The 2018 campaign was titled ‘#FlauntYourFlaw’ and it celebrated a woman’s ability to embrace who she is, and the way she accepts every bit of herself. The 2017 ad, stressed the fact that motherhood is a choice for women, not a compulsion and in 2016, Raga took on the issue of workplace equality. Thus Titan Raga has stood with its female customers at all times.


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