Tonic Worldwide launches ‘personalized video marketing solutions’ for brands.


Tonic Worldwide is a Digital Marketing company in India that works globally on end-to-end digital solutions that include Website Development, Social Media, Online Reputation Management, Application Development, and digital strategy. Recently, Tonic worldwide launched an AI-driven personalized solution for the brands.

Speaking on the new offerings Sudish Balan, chief business officer, Tonic Worldwide states that in this new era of digitalization, there is a requirement of video content customization and personalization by the brands and organizations. As personalization adds more setting and importance to brand video context and is critical to helping them get an ever-increasing number of eyeballs just as expanding commitment. Realizing the potential for such hyperlocal customized videos, Tonic Worldwide has launched an AI-driven Personalized Video Marketing Solution for brands with collaboration with another platform known for transforming the customer end experience on the enterprise’s marketing messages by personalizing the videos.

This new AI-driven solution is an extension of Tonic’s already existing snackable video content division named ‘TWIP’ – Tonic Worldwide Intuitive Programming. With the partnership with, it will enable TWIP to further extend customization and personalization in brand videos contents. Tonic Worldwide’s TWIP will currently make and disseminate various such custom made videos in a flash, for brands. TWIP is likewise worked to convey a consistent encounter for brands, directly from customized video content creation and cooperation to spread and point by point watch analysis powered by

Brands and organizations are equipping to get the ball rolling and as agency partners, Tonic Worldwide has to outfit them with successful and nimble arrangements. This mass personalization of brand video with AI empowers Tonic Worldwide to do the job and can assume an incredible job in gathering customer trust and consideration, just as make it logical to their requirements and interests. This customized video advertising arrangement can likewise be utilized to upgrade adequacy at each stage, directly from attention to activity.  

Rajesh Goyal, partner & co-founder, says that the concept of Marketing is transforming rapidly in this era of the digital world. By looking up the current requirement is more than happy to collaborate with Tonic Worldwide to enable them with hyper-personalization and customization in videos. This will empower brands to have consistent customer involvement in video interaction and remain consistent with TWIPs guarantee of Intuitive communication backed by customer data.


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