Top 5 Trends Food Industry 2021


All of us are well aware that recent pandemic has made us create changes in process and techniques used apart from the onset of new and improved technology that will be implemented in upcoming years to improve the efficiency of the already existing process being used.

There are upcoming technology trends in the food industry that intrigued me and I shall be elaborating on some of them in the below paragraphs.

1., Waste Valorisation: Waste Valorisation will be seeing a dynamic change from the current linear process to a much better circular process.1/3 Globally all the food produced ends up being wasted or as a food loss. This loss of food loss gave the rose to an opportunity to feed the world sustainability. Many organizations such as Incr- edible and Napi Feryn Bio-Tech are taking serious efforts to convert the food waste into ingredients or products that may prove beneficial.

2., Canola replacing Soy:  It is becoming highly significant and vastly important for us to vastly diversify our plant protein source so that we may be able to avoid the adverse effects of monoculture cropping and avoid biodiversity losses. Canola holds the potential to overthrow the current dominance of Soy mainly because Canola holds the advantages over Soy in terms of having high production capabilities and containing many vital amino acids.

3., Plant-based immunity:  There has been estimation that an increase in demand for vitamins from a natural source in the upcoming years. Acerola, as well as citrus fruits, has been gaining increased popularity owning to them being an ideal source for Vitamin C.

4., Supply Chain Digitalization: We can see that in the recent years it has been witnessed that consumers are always conscious and in search of information as to how their food is produced alongside the proof its origin and added assurance on its safety.

5, Regenerative, the new sustainable in agriculture:  One must acknowledge that there happens to be an urgent demand for the regeneration of our agricultural supply base and is becoming more and more evident by analysing the business strategies of major players in the food sector.

Hence one must acknowledge and aid to their fullest extend such ideal technological advancement to help all of us unite to create a sustainable future for all of the human race.


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