Top hi-tech companies helping non-tech companies with AI applications


Hi-tech companies that hail from Silicon Valley or the other place have identified the foremost target of major disruptive technologies like AI , robotics, and far of more. These companies leverage AI applications through multiple machines because there are funds worth many dollars to take a position .

Hi-tech companies with AI yield higher revenue during this cut-throat competitive market. Meanwhile, multiple non-tech companies want to utilize AI applications to spice up productivity, enhance customer engagement, automating tasks, and earn more revenue. Thus, these hi-tech companies with AI extend help to non-tech companies with different AI applications.

Google is one of the hi-tech companies in Silicon Valley which can help other non-tech companies with multiple AI applications. Google is popular for donating US$30 million to many non-tech companies and non-profit organizations to urge AI applications for hardware, software, or repair services and boosting productivity. Google is made for everybody within the world— there are quite 15 AI projects and applications to assist non-tech companies during this tech-driven world.

Peak AI
Peak AI is that the emerging hi-tech company within the field of AI because it received funding of US$21 million to assist non-tech companies with Ai applications and fast decision-making processes. The company possesses an inventory of popular non-tech companies like KFC, Nike, Pepsico, Asos, and so on.

IBM is one of the favored hi-tech companies with AI applications focused on helping both emerging tech companies also as non-tech companies. IBM Watson helps these non-tech companies in building trustworthy AI. These trustworthy AI applications and decisions can assistance on an outsized scale while maintaining transparency and explainability. IBM Watson Studio can help these businesses to coach AI models or AI applications on previously siloed data sources for an efficient decision-making process. This hi-tech company can deliver smart applications into the AI lifecycle to confidentially operationalize AI across different clouds like public, private, and hybrid. There is also an AI-enabled chatbot for non-tech companies mentioned as IBM Watson Assistant to elevate the name also as customer experience.

Adobe is one among the highest hi-tech companies that’s helping non-tech companies with several AI applications within the previous couple of years. Adobe has announced its AI toolbox for experience platform where non-tech companies do not have experienced personnel to work with AI . It also unifies its digital businesses on one Cloud platform for delivering a top-notch personalized customer experience within the competitive market. Adobe Sensei leverages AI and machine learning to assist non-tech companies in creating effortlessly edits and target marketing for better results with a one-to-one personalization feature.


Baidu is understood to be China’s hottest hi-tech company with AI applications. It has partnered with a non-tech company mentioned as KFC China to help the restaurant open a replacement smart restaurant in Beijing with AI applications. Leveraging AI applications has provided KFC China with face recognition to supply personalized recommendations through age, gender, and countenance . Augmented reality games through table stickers are deployed at 300 outlets of KFC China in Beijing.

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