Top Machine learning hackathones for ai experts in 2021


The popularity of machine learning and artificial intelligence has led to more and more technological innovations. The tech market attracts many new tech professionals from tech and non-tech backgrounds.

The emergence of machine learning hackathons has become a great way for machine learning and AI practitioners to practice and demonstrate their skills. Hackathons provide an environment for participants to work on a variety of projects using different tools to demonstrate their abilities.

In this article, we talk about the best machine learning hackathons that AI professionals can choose from in 2021.

Kaggle: With over one million registered users, it is one of the largest data science platforms in the world for the AI ​​community. It is a crowd-powered platform under Google, primarily focused on training and challenging data scientists and AI professionals around the world to solve data science, machine learning, and predictive analytics issues.

Sindi: This is a data science competition platform and one of the first in Africa. It provides access to the best AI for many organizations and governments, and ML Cindy is one of the best communities for teachers, engineers, scientists and scientists to solve the most pressing problems in Africa.

CodaLab: This is an open source platform that provides an ecosystem for conducting computational research in a more productive, efficient and secure manner. CodaLab has two sides, namely worksheets and contests. Worksheets aim to capture complex research pipelines in a reproducible way, while competition brings the whole community together to solve complex data.

BitGrit: BitGrit is a competitive and recruiting platform for artificial intelligence and data science professionals to create new data – based ideas to improve the use of AI and incorporate it into our daily activities. It is an intermediate level platform with a data science job portal for jobs available in Japan. Cindy offers prize money to the winners of various competitions organized by them.

DPhi: DPhi is a community with a vision of building a data culture and democratizing the study of data science. The Artificial Intelligence Challenges on this platform are mimicked from real world issues. It is a great platform for AI and data science professionals to test their skills through competitions and challenges.

AI Crowd: Machine learning, and other data science issues to streamline AI workflows internally and externally. AI Crowd helps businesses, universities and government agencies manage and promote their challenges.

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