Toppr takes coaching courses as a clever option that teaches ‘soching’


Coaching classes have been the most common after-school experience for children for decades, and as they reach classes 8, 9, or 10, there is an enormous rise in the number of coaching classes a pupil is enrolled in. And these classes don’t leave a stone unturned to advertise themselves on billboards nor can they boost student output and rank.

This issue is the underlying focus of Toppr ‘s three 20-second ad campaign dubbed “Better Learning.” Better Results. “Situations in two of the three advertisements show parents who have taken their children out of the coaching class and now earned a Toppr subscription for the learning approach of the edtech program, in particular, three main sections: Live Lectures, Adaptive Practice and Ask Doubts, which are targeted solely at motivating students to understand, reason and challenge better learning outcomes.

Zishaan Hayath, CEO and Founder, Toppr said, “Millions of students are inaccessible for coaching courses because they do not personalize learning for any student by nature Although a handful of high-performing students learn from better coaches, others do not have access to the same opportunities, even though they are enrolled in the same coaching class.

Toppr removes any such contradictions and personalizes learning for each pupil. We empower students to consider, reason, and challenge better learning. And when students start “soching,” improved grades would be the product of an improved learning experience. We’re excited to see what our latest TV initiative is going to do for our teachers.

Tasneem Ali, Executive Director, Creative, Lowe Lintas said, “Toppr’s three key features, Live Classes, Adaptive Practice and Ask Doubts, help children learn first-time. Because only then can the exams be accepted. Since this was our guiding philosophy from the very outset, we felt it was time to carry it forward in our advertising.

Thus, we came up with the imaginative expression of the Soching Class, not only to bring to life our focus on thought-based learning but also to inspire parents to move their children from one class to another. From a coaching class to a soching class. “Coaching ke nikala. Soching Mein dala” is a line that is echoed in all three advertisements. It’s a direct shot at coaching classes as places that stifle the student’s opportunity to think and just rely on rote learning.

It is an emerging trend where ed-tech platforms are promoting themselves as a superior alternative to coaching classes now that the Union Government has allowed the re-opening of schools in phases after 15 October. Take Toppr’s rival Byju, whose IPL campaign as actor Shah Rukh Khan is pitching Byju as a good alternative instead of coaching parents’ schools.


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