‘Sirf Do Din Ke Liye’ – Fenesta’s new digital film


Fenesta launches a brand new ad film ‘Sirf Do Din Ke Liye’ for its campaign ‘Keep The Outside Outside Forever’. The campaign is aiming at raising awareness on features of the brand’s quality of doors and windows which is designed for noise insulation, energy conservation, weather-resistance, and insulation against dust pollution.

The first part of the campaign started with engagement with micro-influencers, wherein communities and a group of individuals focusing on a specific niche began driving authentic and meaningful conversations to create awareness on the brand’s salient features. The campaign is letting the viewers, as well as the consumers, know the benefits of the product more directly thereby generating awareness which a well-designed and efficient window, as well as the door, could give an extreme peace of mind. The brand has now launched a comical digital film, which is the brand’s take on how individuals feel dread imagining a dusty, messy home after they return from a long vacation.

The film is featuring Sharmaji – a friendly, young, lovable neighborhood character. Sharmaji is a person who is getting panic about having the thought of leaving his house or town for more than two days and always plans a vacation ‘Sirf, do din ke liye’ – leading to humorous and uncomfortable situations in the film. From the audience, the film is seeking empathy for Sharmaji’s problems, as these problems could be related to many people in society. The film then embeds the brand story as a solution for Sharmaji’s dilemma which is solved by Fenesta. The film also includes a message in the end which dissuades unimportant travel during the current times. The campaign will be live across print, digital, as well as social media channels.

Speaking about the campaign, Susmita Nag, marketing head, Fenesta, stated that windows are a low involvement category and are usually bought based on basic functionality, light, and ventilation. A good window can do a lot more which is unknown to the general consumers. The team thought humor would be a good genre to get the point of Fenesta across; hence they created the unusual quirky character of Sharmaji in order to showcase the solution to a problem that every household in the country faces.


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