Transforming Political Campaigns Using Artificial Intelligence


Voters feel honored to be the force that decides the country’s destiny. The election is fraught with mass protests, the preference of running candidates, the creation of funds, etc. However, voters have only one view in mind, which is to nominate someone who will meet their call. To keep up with people‚Äôs aspirations, government officials are looking for how to take advantage of the opportunity to turn it into a win. Artificial Intelligence is the mediator that seeks to balance people’s needs.

Artificial intelligence is a broad-based branch of computer science dealing with the development of smart machines capable of executing tasks that usually involve human intelligence. AI is aided by algorithms that are designed to act like humans and do works that usually require thinking neurons are a series of inputs or an activation mechanism that is learned to execute particular tasks by adjusting the value assigned to input data as it moves between layers.

Analyzing the online actions of people, including their levels of use, marriages, social media habits, and special psychographs, to build a digital consumer profile send promotional campaigns to members, based on their preferences, to show that the party will satisfy its presumptions. Prime Minister Narendra Modi used a hologram of himself to render interactive rallies in many locations during the election of Lok Sabha. Politics around the globe are increasingly using social media platforms to reach broad and disparate numbers of people with distinct messages.

Big Data is a massive collection of data collected on various large-scale systems. Big data is known to be an asset since it helps to create correlations, trends, and linkages for incredibly large data collection. The Micro-Targeting Strategy is a recent development that originated from big data.  Following the 2012 US presidential election, using big data to lobby against voters, the strategy has been broadly adopted by many countries.

Big data played a crucial role in the 2014 and 2019 general elections in India, giving BJP a sweeping win.  Artificial intelligence technologies such as artificial learning, big data, chatbots, and automatic calls are a revolutionary technology that turns the political process into automation.


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