Tupperware celebrates 25 yrs in India with the ‘Choose Good Every Day’ campaign


A brand that should not be ignored is Tupperware when we think about homes and kitchens. This name has been synonymous with millions of Indian kitchens over the past 25 years, despite being a foreign brand, based out of Orlando, US. Tupperware products, highly acclaimed for their high quality and creative styles, are imbued with personal family stories as they have been woven for decades into the fabric of people’s everyday lives. Tupperware currently launched its latest initiative – Choose Good Every Day – to uphold this tradition and inspire individuals through age ranges and geographies.

The latest initiative features the company manifesto of Tupperware, which reinforces the qualities of confidence and goodness and strives to nurture a positive future every day for families, neighborhoods, and the world. Tupperware continues to produce robust, high-quality items that have lifetime guarantees that are designed to keep food fresher, longer, and reusable for years to come. From the outset, these innovations were embedded in sustainability, from the signature seal of Earl S. Tupper that was specially crafted to lock in freshness, to the modern Eco Water Bottle and Fashionable Cups of today, replacing single-use plastics.

Besides, Tupperware Brands has earned the issuance of a U.S. patent for PONDS (Passive Orbital Nutrient Delivery System), a unique device designed to grow vegetables with limited maintenance in low-earth orbit that enables the organization to use this expertise to encourage customers around the world to minimize their effect on single-use plastic and food waste by using its environmentally friendly products. A reinforcement of what Tupperware has stood for in the last 25 years is the recently introduced ‘Choose Good’ initiative. Tupperware has been made since its inception in India, long before the ‘Make in India’ term was coined. The brand has also converted millions of Indian women into financially independent entrepreneurs. The brand has invested in igniting global communities, particularly women, over the last 25 years, to realize their best selves through opportunity, enrichment, celebration, and above all else, uplifting relationships.

Tupperware has expanded its emphasis on in-house dining through its range of cookware & serve-ware items following the Covid-19 outbreak. The brand has seen a positive turn in the division of kitchenware and also an improvement in the conservation range of Dry Storage. In 2021, the pattern is predicted to progress well. Tupperware will now focus more on investing in technology-oriented technologies and rely more on the core of direct selling business.

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