OREO presents #OreoReciPic challenge, conceptualized by Digitas India


The year 2020 does not require an introduction. But in the chaos, the lockdown also inspired the imagination of people in the kitchen. Searches for Oreo recipes have been on an all-time high for fast treats for intricate desserts. Someone’s chocolate powder, someone’s ready crust, someone’s filling, someone’s playful addition to a formula became the modest and nimble cookie. In the kitchen, OREO was at the cusp of rising its equity. Team POP, headed by Digitas, conceptualized the Oreo ReciPic Challenge to place the cookie as a baking favorite in the minds and pantries of individuals.

#OreoReciPic provided a forum for individuals to not only win the grand prize but to provide a cooking show with their recipe feature. No ingredients, no measures, all they had to do was share their Oreo creations. Just a frame. Pooja Dhingra, a talented celebrity pastry chef, was charged with recreating the winning recipes, and Rohan Joshi, the host, and fan-favorite comedian brought more laughter to the mix.

We saw people have fun in the kitchen as a way to break the everyday monotony as the lockdown grew. This resulted in a spike in the number of mentions for Oreo and people continued to organically express their recipes and love for the brand. Oreo sees this as a chance to do something fun for them while reinforcing their concept of allowing playful ties. The team’s conceptualized #OreoReciPic was a perfect way to develop an entertaining website that not only helped make Oreo synonymous with desserts but also promoted the growing ingenuity of people in the kitchen while producing content that was fun even for non-bakers.

Digitas correctly described a rare pairing of imagination and camaraderie in the kitchen in a cluttered content universe to stand out yet remain close to the brand. Each episode follows friends in real life, Rohan Joshi and Pooja Dhingra trying to replicate a winning dish with some interesting results from their image. The laughter and the chance to see an expert put an image on a plate alive, together made for a heady concoction of delightful entertainment.

The content reached out to more than 650 million people through Facebook, Twitter, and other video channels during the three months of campaign activity. The videos have already garnered over 230 million digital views and 5.5 million engagements. For the festive season, OREO has also put out an exclusive offline edition featuring more consumer recipes and plans to launch the offline editions along with the digital platform.

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