Twitter introduces Communities to bring people closer to those who get them


It is the Social Media Age in which we all are living right now. Everyone needs someone at some point in time to connect with and share their thoughts, likes and dislikes, etc.

And as it is very easy to connect with anyone on social media be it your friends, relatives, or anyone with whom you want to befriend with all thanks to social media services. There are many social media platforms available still Twitter is a different one.

Twitter on 9th September experimented with Communities. How to simply find and connect with those people who also want to speak about similar topics you want to. Some conversations are only meant for those people who want to speak about the same thing you want to. To join any Community on Twitter, you’ll just simply need to Tweet on that group. And the same community members are only ready to reply and join the conversation to make it remain confidential and to the point.

The pages and timelines of the Communities both are publicly available so anyone can read Quote Tweet, and report Community Tweets. Twitter wants to support public conversation and help people in finding Communities that match their interests and at the same time also create more personal space for conversation. The Community mediators get approval from Twitter.

By Communities, mediators can choose their main target, create the Community rules, and also invite the people that will make it a good place for conversation. All the mediators need to regularly meet Twitter’s eligibility requirements and also not break the Twitter Rules. Both Members and non-members of the Communities can report any possible disobedience of the Twitter Rules to Twitter. 

Right now, the creation of Community is restricted but in the coming months, Twitter will allow more people to form communities so that anyone can discuss their ideas and because the service discloses Community creation and self-discipline to new people, it is still going to treat eligibility requirements.

Members can approach Communities with the help of the dedicated tab at the bottom of the app for iOS or in the menubar on As of now, Communities are only open to those people who have been invited, but it is finding more ways to get and join the Communities shortly.

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