Twitter rolls out monetization through super-followers feature


Whatever the platform is, when a person gets popular due to something he does, he starts getting recognition, hence followers. If the person is in momentum to scale more heights and popularity because of what that person does or is, his following scales up day by day.

Now on behalf of the ever-rising followership, if the platform decides to pay in return for your content, then the person gets paid in return for a service. This is what the world-renowned social media platform Twitter has done. They have introduced monetization through a feature called the super-followers, which is a paid subscription.

 If someone has to follow and receive all the contents of a person, who now has reached a particular benchmark of followers, needs to do a monthly subscription, like subscriber-only content.

Now, the creators can set their tweets to go out only to their paid subscribers or the super-followers only. This feature is presently available only on the iOS app and is limited to the test group in The US only.

Super Followers are identified to the creators by a badge displayed under their tweets. Twitter plans to roll out this feature in more countries soon so that the influencers and people with sufficient followers can monetize this fan base they have. 

Super Follows users will now be able to share extra content and conversations with their most engaged followers on Twitter with monthly usage charges, with payments processed stripe. Twitter says that the users can earn 97% of the subscription revenue till a particular lifetime limit which is now set to be about US$50,000 and after that, they will get about 80% of the revenue after third-party fees.

If your content provides insights and help to your fellow followers and the people who admire your work, then long gone are the days you didn’t bring in any returns. For the hard times, you had to spend making those informative and creative content that helped add value for the people in the society. Now get paid for what you are good at, through Twitter, for your efforts and bear the fruits of it.

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