Policybazaar.com launches a campaign called No Insurance Day Campaign


The life that we all live is unpredictable. We’ve got our loved ones, a family who depends upon us or to whom we are dependent in some ways. Family comes first we all know this and that we know it also whenever we or any loved one is in any problem.

We all plan for the future in some ways by investing, opening Fixed Deposits, savings in the bank account, etc. Insurance is also one of those important and smart ways of assuring the future of our loved ones. It is a means of protection from loss. It’s a sort of risk management, mainly uses a barrier against the danger of an uncertain loss.

There’s a variety of various kinds of insurance policies available, and virtually a person or business can find an insurer willing to insure them—for a price. The most common types of personal insurance policies are health, automobile homeowners, and life. The general insurance keenness in India is very low, people are either underinsured or uninsured. People of India often procrastinate & neglect the benefits of gaining health & term insurance.

Policy bazaar’s “No Insurance Day” campaign aims to make awareness among individuals who procrastinate their decision of protecting their loved ones against uncertainties. The campaign takes a whimsical examine the most stupid reasons for not buying insurance while proving a degree that it’s incredibly critical to secure the financial way forward for your family, that Policybazaar offers a large choice of affordable insurance solutions.

The basis of the campaign is to form people taunt a fundamental human trait, “Procrastination”, together with the conclusion of how life would be without a protection net in place. People ignore the importance of Health & Term insurance until a flash of realization appears upon them where they experience a shock in their lives.

While we always hope for the most effective we should always be prepared for the worst also. It has become very important that we do not delay the choice of securing our loved ones anymore. We hope that this campaign reaches the purposeful maximum people and will encourage them to require the vital opening towards protecting their loved ones, without procrastinating.

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