NIVEA launches new range “Naturally Good” with Tapsee Pannu


World’s no. 1 skincare brand, NIVEA, has introduced its latest campaign for its all-new transformed NIVEA Milk Delights Face Wash with Bollywood idol, Taapsee Pannu motivating buyers to not just face wash but rather milk wash for a genuine, healthy glow.

The Milk Delights facewashes bring the gentleness of Milk, an ingredient traditionally honored for its healthful and nourishing properties, in their everyday purifying routine.

While several cleansers particularly soaps tend to be too rigorous for the skin, as they shred away the natural skin oils and may result in dryness or irritation, milk is one of the wonderful cleansers. It has a pH best fitted for our skin. It is a natural cleanser that gives unmatched cleansing in maintaining our skin healthy and moisturized all day long.

Taking cognizance of this along with its rich portfolio of Indian home treatments, NIVEA has embodied its latest product offering into its latest campaign “Don’t Face Wash, Milk Wash!”

Sachin Killawala, Marketing Director of NIVEA India said that NIVEA aspires to ascertain the pledge of care in every product that they introduce and centralize that message in every campaign.

The recent campaign for NIVEA Milk Delights strives to showcase milk as a delicate cleanser that takes care of the skin in the nicest way possible.

Friends are one of the largest influencers in our lives while selecting personal care products and this campaign brings that alive in a joyful manner.

Via this broadcast, both visually and verbally, they yearned to showcase how Milk Delights facewash brings together the goodness of milk & home cures for a natural, healthful glow.

In the latest television commercial, Tapsee Pannu was talking about all the things that NIVEA’s Naturally Good lacks saying that Naturally good lacks a lot of things. she goes on to elucidate that it lacks toxic chemicals and uses 50 percent less plastic in its packaging.

The new NIVEA Naturally Good body lotion is hence disclosed with the tagline “Good for Nature & Great for Skin”.

Ajay Simha, marketing director of NIVEA India said that NIVEA always strives to ascertain the vow of care in every product and campaign. Their new range of NIVEA Naturally Good products symbolizes the corporate objective of ‘Care Beyond Skin’.

They feel delighted to deliver the best of skincare with natural origin elements. The range also provides a greener tomorrow with eco-friendly packaging.

Via In this new campaign, they want to reach out to young customers who believe in the vitality of natural ingredients & are aware of nature while choosing their products.

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