Understanding Sunfeast India “Run As One” initiative


Sunfeast India is running a campaign called “Run As One” launched on Independence Day 2020, a citizen-led movement targeted at Indians and Indophiles around the world that has finally achieved considerable success. As the social effect is a key pillar since Rs 1.18 crore has been raised for this initiative to help families facing problems during this pandemic and to have a continuous momentum since their launch.

This initiative aims to break the new ground and bring the record to a close, as this initiative was conceived by Procam and championed by ITC Foods driven by GiveIndia and strengthened by Fit India. As a result, the fundraising and registration will continue until 30 September 2020.

Vivek Singh, who is the Managing Director of Procam International, also reflected on this support at a time when he said that this current pandemic has hit us hard in several ways. This has also caused the economic activities of the 140 million informal workers to make a living due to a detrimental hindrance, although it would not reveal the immediate effect of this. They want these people to know that they’re not alone and that we’re with them as a helping hand. Through this we plead with every Indian to help them through registering as they are obviously in need; # LivelihoodsMatter #.

With each registration, the donation will go directly to the affected person’s life as the proceeds will be paid through GiveIndia to the more than 100 NGOs working to rehabilitate economically disadvantaged families across the country. The groups are rural women, tribal and craftsmen, farmers and farm employees, people with disabilities, the LGBTQ community, and people who rely on sports.

E R Ashok Kumar, who is the President of GiveIndia, has said that this is a very proud and heartwarming moment for us. This has been removed as a result of this pandemic, and they expect to live a life. This also makes another cap on the Sunfeast India Run As One project that has been a big success for them. He also added that this is the just beginning, and together we’re going to walk India to be better tomorrow, and there are miles to go before we sleep.

Based on this initiative, Ali Harris Shere, Chief Operating Officer of Biscuits and Cakes, Foods Division of ITC, has informed that if the collective involvement of a large number of people has further demonstrated their commitment to vulnerable parts of society, especially during these challenging times. To support these people, the financial times will take a long time to satisfy the troubled people.

This is the only program in which numerous celebrities, athletes, business leaders, and policy-makers, who have committed to improve the environment, participate and inspire people to engage in it, which would benefit those in need in this time of need.


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