Unlu partners with Triller to launch India’s largest digital singer hunt, “Unlu Singing Stars”

  • Unlu Singing Stars’ aims to tap 2Mn budding singers and offer exclusive Unlu Singing Fellowship to top 60 performers with an opportunity to launch/record their first original music video.

Gurugram,  2022: Unlu- a one-of-a-kind platform to help creators and artists collaborate, create, and launch IPs, has recently announced its exclusive partnership with Triller – a video-sharing social networking platform for creators to launch India’s largest digital singer hunt “Unlu Singing Stars.” 

Creator community is the latest buzz that is crowning the influencers or content creators with extensive reach and followers on social media. However, to be a successful creator in the field of singing, one needs to arm themselves with the right knowledge, skills, and tools to scale and monetize their content. The three months long Unlu Singing Stars opens a multitude of avenues for every singer sitting across India looking to launch their career but do not have enough resources, know-how, or opportunities to make it big. 

India’s largest digital singer hunt will be launched on Triller with an aim to reach out to 2Mn aspiring singers and more than 36Mn audiences across India. It will shortlist 60 top-performing singers and upskill them through ‘Unlu Singing Fellowship’ to finally make them launch/record their first original music video. 

In addition, the fellowship program will help the artists build and learn the art of singing from the industry veterans and collaborate with other fellow singers to create and commercialize the content.

Delighted with the partnership, Riddhima Chatterjee, Head of Program Ops of Unlu, said, “India is a talent hub. We have amazing talent hidden in different parts of the country looking for upskilling and career opportunities in the field of singing. With the Triller platform, we undertake the opportunity to empower the singer creator community, scout talent from different corners of the nation, and help them launch their singing career globally.” 

Sharing more, Rohan Tyagi, Vice President, Triller India said “For a long time becoming a creator has been thought of as an unrewarding career choice. The widely held belief was that only a select few with massive followings could monetize their content or earn a living through it. But now with the creator economy being recognized for its economic potential by brands and internet users alike, that belief is changing. We want to continue playing our part in making the best opportunities available to creators on the platform. Our approach goes beyond being a space to upload content, we want to make industry inroads for creators of all specialties and of all following sizes. This we are doing by connecting them with experts for mentorship in addition to connecting them with the right brands for collaborations”

With this partnership, Unlu & Triller will provide opportunities to India’s top talent just by uploading their auditions on Triller from the comfort of their home. This will also enable the singer creators on the Triller app to upskill and get professional training from the best in the music industry by getting access to Unlu’s Singing Fellowship, which will further provide the budding artists to launch their first original music video. 

Furthermore, the partnership will add another 50-100 songs in Unlu’s plan to hit 1000 songs in the next 12 months.

Unlu has released more details on its official website. The aspiring singer creators can log on to: https://www.unlu.io/unlusingingstar


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