Update to Apple users- Apple watch will now notify users about their cardio fitness level


The awaiting update of the apple watch has been finally released. Apple officially released apple watch OS 7.2 adjacent to iOS 14.3.

The new update of the apple watch is a cardio fitness feature that helps its users to track their cardio levels by the optical heart sensor, GPS, and accelerometer.
This cardio fitness feature tracks the cardio level of a user and notifies the users when it is alarmingly low.

By using the advanced sensory, it brings an average estimation from the clinic regarding the low cardio fitness level to the user’s wrist directly. So by tracking it, users can improve their effective long-term health.

It mentioned in its blog that, apple is monitoring the highest, average, and low levels of V02 of its users during their outdoor walks, running, hiking, and exercise.

The users can access this fitness feature by the health app on their iPhone. They can track their fitness level on a daily, weekly, monthly basis.
To avail of this feature, the users need to update their iPhone to iOS to 14.3 and their apple watch to OS7.2.


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