The future of health is on your wrist: Apple Watch Series 6


Apple Watch shrugs its customers in its new commercial, the advertising of Apple Watch Series 6. In the ad Helena Bonham Carter starts asking people to imagine a world in which artificial intelligence can help our lives through sleep monitoring, keeping track of heart rate, inspiring people to remain fit, and so on.

The ad goes through a series of specs and finishes by paying particular attention to a new feature that helps the customer to monitor their blood oxygen levels – a source of concern for people with a quickly circulating coronavirus that affects the respiratory system.

The ad sees Bonham Carter becoming more irritated that her ideas about the future are already being interrupted by Apple Watch customers asking her the futuristic technologies. The ad focuses on highlighting this feature where the 6 series Apple watch with a dial of 911 alerts the police anytime in case a person’s life is in danger.

The company has also published an ad named ‘The Gadget That Saved Me,’ which explores the various ways in which the Apple Watch helped an athlete cope with Diabetes, keep a person with elevated blood pressure safe, and helped a man survive a heart arrest by notifying him of finding treatment while he was in his early stages.

On the other side, Apple’s cooperation with the Singapore Government is another aspect of this health drive. The collaboration culminated in a fitness campaign named LumiHealth, a tailored program to facilitate safe exercise and action using Apple Watch.

Apple’s awareness drive to use the watch to encourage human fitness, wellbeing, and preventive medical treatment showcasing. “The future of health is on your wrist”  as the tagline for these ads.

The Lumi health software in partnership with Apple was designed by the Singapore Health Promotion Board,  as part of the Smart Nation initiative of the government, and to make a national effort to utilize technology for providing benefits to its people and companies.

With a help of a team of doctors and public health professionals, LumiHealth uses technologies and behavioral expertise to empower Singaporeans to keep their Apple Watch and iPhone fitness challenges safe and complete.


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