Upgrading B2B pitch through clients’ digital footprint: Expert View


People engage their lives on the internet nowadays. They search, retrieve, or save information. But with each navigation they make, they are leaving behind a little bit of data about themselves which later becomes their digital footprint. This aspect alone can change the course of business and create a better decision that can cater to customer needs. Let’s say an artist browsing retail sites for artist supplies can provide useful data to art companies like Faber Castell about customer requirements and order management. But how do companies do it and how can client digital footprint improve B2B sales pitch? A B2B sales pitch is the primary sales that create a long-lasting impression by convincing the clients and proving our capabilities. It is possible to create successful business decisions by utilizing and exploiting the data of existing prospects.

First, we need to use proper tools to create contact and gain trust from the clients. For that we must search for the locations or sites we can gain information from. LinkedIn is one such site that has a huge client base and stores endless amounts of data. But not just retrieving these data but also successfully utilizing it to create that connection. We must avoid methods that are out-dated like phone calls, instead develop a better tool to interact with our prospective clients and retrieve as much information as possible in the most creative way.

Second, we must develop a good SEO strategy through the use of analytics. If we need to create visibility to our prospective clients, we need to make quality content and work towards increasing the quantity of website traffic.

By using Google analytics in your SEO strategy you can see:

  • How many people are visiting their website each day
  • The demographics and audience profiles of those visitors
  • The sources of traffic
  • The most popular (and least popular) pages on the site
  • Conversion rates

Considering the client’s competitive advantage is essential. We must understand their scale of operation and area of domain. Our goals and strategies must match their interest so as to reciprocate the same level of competitiveness.

Lastly, we must read and assess the content of our clients. Content is a highly effective method of understanding our client’s requirements and weak spots which we can target to gain trust and implement strategies to make a successful B2B sales pitch.


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