COVID-19 and the rising competency of data science


Covid-19 has created a global threat to every industrial sector. Each day businesses face loss or temporary shutdown. With the rapid growth of this virus, people are induced with the fear of not getting out of their houses in order to be saved from this virus. All these factors cause extreme loss to all businesses and in turn a downfall in the overall economy.

IT professionals are also under the immense pressure of what to do since their job has been jeopardized due to the pandemic, the stress is high. However, this is the perfect opportunity to improve your knowledge and upgrade portfolio. As a data scientist or data analyst you can perform certain activities that can keep you active in your job and boost your knowledge and skill. How do we do this?

During this time of the year, data analysts are required more than ever. Their job and primary advantage of statistically collecting data and deriving conclusions from them can be helpful in many ways. As a society, we will be keen to know what the current status of the widespread is and the level of impact at various locations. As an organization, they would want to compare their performance over the period of the outbreak and what changes can be implemented in order to revive back to the market without shutting down their business.

Here is how you can help,

1. If you are in the field of data science, then you can improve your game by logging into websites that offer online courses or boot camps to boost your knowledge. If you are a beginner then you can enter courses that will ask you to gather data/information and make statistical conclusions regarding the data you have gathered.

2. There is plenty of time in your hands. Why not develop a program or a project that is innovative and helpful during this pandemic? It can also serve as an additional benefit to your resume. Bring in creativity in your projects with the help of IoT, computer vision, GAN, etc. All the varieties in technology are always a loophole for development.

3. Just remaining in your field of specialization will only give you less exposure, try to connect and network with professionals from other areas of specialization. Pooling ideas and knowledge is a great way of understanding others’ expertise. This is a very helpful tool in gaining knowledge.

4. If you are not enjoying your field of specialization, maybe because you are bored with the similarity of work you receive daily; it is always possible to switch our focus to an area that might give us happiness and also an additional benefit. This requires a thorough understanding of yourself and what kind of knowledge you seek. Trying to learn data science can improve your skills in analyzing information. The importance of data analytics is improving rapidly and learning this can always prove beneficial.

In conclusion, these hard days have exhausted everyone and don’t appreciate being laid-off. But there is always a brighter side to every situation.


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