Urban and Max Healthcare offer free health courses to clients


Urban Company, which is trusted by 3 million homes, has launched a year-long partnership with Max Healthcare, one of India’s top healthcare providers, to raise awareness about crucial health conditions and illnesses for the partners.

Doctors from Max Hospitals will give monthly health discussions and bi-annual eye check-ups for Urban Company partners across North and West India as part of the agreement.For service partners in Delhi-NCR, Chandigarh, and Mumbai, virtual awareness sessions will be held.

The seminars will cover a wide range of issues, such as cervical health, thyroid health, heart health, women’s health, alcoholism and its consequences, mental health and stress management, arthritis prevention, breast cancer, diabetes, and AIDS, among others.

“At Urban Company, the well-being of our partners has always been of greatest significance,” Nikhil Shanker, VP – Customer Experience and Partner Experience, said of the relationship with Max Hospital.

These seminars will aid us in continuing to establish a strong partner community that is empowered and equipped with health information, as well as bridging the gap between our partners and medical guidance.All of our partners will receive discounts at Max Healthcare facilities if they have any health difficulties as a result of this agreement.”

“Urban Company’s endeavour for its partners is commendable.The key to overall well-being, as well as early disease identification and care, is awareness.A Max Healthcare representative stated, “We look forward to an interactive session with their partners.”

On the 24th of January, Dr Seema Jain, Director of the Obstetric and Gynecology Department, spoke to over 300 partners from throughout the country at the first session on Cervical Health Awareness.

Through our skilling programs and other security advantages, Urban Company has focused heavily on partner livelihood over the course of our seven-year journey.

In India, all active partners on the UC platform are insured by our Group Life and Accidental Insurance, which we offer in collaboration with ACKO.

Life insurance (INR 6 lakhs), disability cover (INR 6 lakhs), accidental hospitalisation (INR 70,000), and accidental OPD treatment (INR 10,000) are some of the important components covered by the policy.

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