US democrats demanding strict actions


We all know how much inflation has taken up around us. Just like many or all the other countries in the world the USA is also going through an inflation period which is dominating the economy for the last few months.

Other countries like India, UK Europe have barely but still managed to cut restrict the post covid inflation. They have used monetary and fiscal policies to keep the rate of inflation under control.

Initially, it was visible that inflation in the USA is picking the pace and running at a higher rate to grow big.

The same has happened and the inflation rate in the USA crosses the thirty years landmark. The rate of inflation is is more than 6% right now which is generally supposed to be 4% and 2% plus or minus.

It’s been a few weeks now since this continuously daunting inflation is bothering the US economy by going above 4%.

Because of this continuous increasing insulation, the democratic have decided to look after the fact and ask the US Federal Bank to look after the inflation issue as soon as possible.

Accepting the installation of 6.8 percent is not an easy task when you consider the incomes in covid have either not been increased or many have even lost the source of income.

Even then people are willing to support the government knowing that inflation is at global levels as well. People are demanding federal banks take tougher actions against this installation so that it can go down as soon as possible.

After the second wave of covid which was not supposed to hit so hard but it did the general public has been shaken internally. They want some relief so that they can spend stress less life for some time.

Also decreasing inflation will boost the economy of other countries as well. Decreasing inflation in the US will pull the market up for other countries because they will also consider that situation can be better around them as well now.

And in the speculations, the country will grow along with the other countries. Still, we can expect something to come only after this December.

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