Investors concern amidst Covid’s new Variant


Investors continuously follow the things which can affect their investment. The already dipped market has seen enough in November as far as going down is concerned.

Due to the crisis in China for energy and property the institutional investors of India China have lost big amounts. Inflation in the USA has gone up to 6 percent plus where is inflation in the UK has gone 4% Plus.

After the second wave of covid-19 when things were looking to get stable people started speculating about the share market and other investment markets.

At the end of the second quarter everything seems to be perfect for every investor and things were going well but in November post-Diwali market was seeing continuous downstream for without any understandable reason.

After studying this found result speculations made around the covid-19 and it’s another variant.

Due to the continuous spread of covid, the mutation takes place and because of that only a new variant called Omicron has taken birth.

Investors are afraid again and hence willing to withdraw the investment in time just like April 2020.

Investors have seen some ups and downs during and post this pandemic. This time around the speculations made and the idea about this spread of covid-19 is already there. That is why investors are willing to withdraw money investor.

This is also affecting inflation because liquidity is much higher than at other times. Monetary policies may also come up soon to control inflation caused due to investor or investment approach.

Because of these speculations and continuous withdrawal of funds the demand for shares is going down. This lack of demand is impacting the price of shares at a great level and that is why a dip of major percentages was seen recently.

Investors find it difficult to keep their investments going and not to look up the speculations made around or news coming that may affect their investment.

Still, we can hope that government will take the right decision at right time to reduce the liquidity in the market so that people around can look back at shares and markets to invest again.

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