American inflation heading towards 7%


Inflation in the USA had touched 6% a few weeks back. Now it has been heading towards 7 in the span of almost no time.

As we all know the global inflation is always indicating that the prices will rise in every country. The USA was no different from what was happening in the world. In November 2021 it was seen the amount of inflation rising in countries like USA and UK is comparatively faster than in other countries.

The UK still manages to sneak out of this and control this rising inflation at a possible rate. It was seen in the UK the inflation in November was 4.2% it and right now after the end of November, it is 4.1 %. The UK certainly managed to control.

But in the case of the USA it was seen that the inflation rate has been going up and to some extent getting out of the hands of the government. In November it was somewhere touching 6% and at the end of November, it has gone per 6% and right now at 6.8%. there are many reasons behind this huge inflation hitting the USA.

The continuously increasing global prices of almost everything. The increasing prices of supply chain and transport because of the price hike in crude oil.

All the countries export at a higher rate compared to the previous rate in an attempt of owning a bit more to support their economy. Energy supplements have also got costly and this all combined to get the information going up up and up.

Even the UN has predicted this inflation a few days back. They were critically concerned about the price hike of the supply chain and global transportation.

Also, they were aware of the fact of rising inflation at a much higher rate than expected. They also predicted that the most impactful countries may face major woes.

What we can expect right now is government to take decisions regarding the cash flow of the economy. The prices should go down as soon as possible and that will only happen when the cash flow will go down in the economy.

They can increase the interest rates issue some bonds are debts for a long time so that the unnecessary cash flow will go out of the economy. Will have to wait for the same.

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