Vaani Kapoor as brand ambassador for Brillare


Vaani Kapoor has joined Brillare, a fast-growing new-age personal care brand funded by Emami Ltd, as the brand ambassador for their all-natural hair oil range.

The #HairOnHigh campaign highlights the potential star – Vaani’s healthy hair after using Brillare products, to reinforce the relevance of the age-old notion of hair oiling.

Brillare offers an original idea of Oil Shots with a potent blend of rich active oils as part of its science-backed hair care line. After finishing the Oils Shots routine, it also offers Real Mahabhringraj Oil as a holistic oil to battle hair fall, dandruff, and dry hair all at once.

All Brillare products are vegan and natural, with dermatologist-approved efficacy. They are designed specifically for the new generation of conscientious and aware people who are looking for natural answers to their hair and skin problems.

Without any additives or preservatives, Brillare’s Oil Shots are a 100 percent safe, very powerful blend of precious oils. In just 15 days, these unique Oil Shots are developed to strengthen one’s hair and deliver a natural healing experience with a visible improvement in typical hair troubles such as hair fall, dandruff, and dry hair.

“Brillare is continually disrupting the status quo by generating creative products that are manufactured with truly natural ingredients,” stated Jigar Patel, CEO of Brillare, of the collaboration with Vaani Kapoor.

With the #HairOnHigh campaign, we hope to establish a strong connection with the millennial audience in a language that they will understand. In the coming year, the brand intends to expand aggressively.  “The huge choice of goods available in the personal care market confuses consumers in discerning between natural and synthetic items,” Vaani Kapoor, Brillare brand ambassador, stated.

 I’m thrilled to be the face of Brillare, a homegrown brand that makes it easy for consumers to select 100 percent natural products with a zero-dilution guarantee. With a busy work schedule and always shifting schedules, I’ve always preferred natural hair care products, and Brillare’s science-backed products developed with thoroughly researched formulations are something I relate with.”

For all types of hair problems, including hair fall, dandruff, and dry hair, Brillare hair care products are produced without chemicals, added water, or preservatives. Brillare has released a fun dance video with Vaani Kapoor as part of its #HairOnHigh campaign, encouraging everyone to enjoy beautiful, stronger hair after just 15 days of using Oil Shots.

She’ll also be involved in the brand’s print and digital marketing. This campaign aims to connect with new-age users, reviving the age-old ritual of hair oiling with improved efficacy.

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