Value 360 Degrees Communications launches VMoms Program


The term 360-degree communication represents integrated steps where specially prepared content is played across all areas of touch.

The campaign covers the entire customer journey. T-Systems leads a 360 ° connection due to its portfolio of modern (digital) technology, among other things. Campaigns such as the “360 ° Cloud“, which has brought a universal theme to the past, are striking proof of this. A 360 ° connection is a whole process that can have significant distribution losses and negative returns.

 In a bid to highlight its work-oriented work culture, Value 360 ​​Communications has introduced the VMoms program. With this first industry program, the comms-tech firm will extend special benefits to the company’s full-time working mothers, helping them find the right balance in working life. Ideally, modern communication concepts do not fill all the same target groups. content optimized for most channels.

They integrate customized content based on solid data and take into account other increasingly important factors to ensure that communication reaches the target audience through the right channel at the right time.

With moms, Value 360 ​​is in the process of creating an inclusive, empowering, and participatory environment for women to succeed. Recently, a comms-tech company also launched Relaunch, the first step in the industry that will help working mothers take a break from work.

Focusing on child care and other responsibilities from 6 months to 3 years, to return to work. By providing end-to-end support, capacity building, handshake, and retiring contact opportunities, Value 360 ​​Communications plays its part in building an inclusive and supportive PR and communication platform. It will also provide opportunities for new mothers to minimize their return to work after maternity leave, ensuring that every woman has a proper support system from the moment she takes her first step as a mother.

Mania Chaudhary, the co-founder of Value 360 ​​Communications, said, “Since its inception, Value 360 ​​Communications has committed itself to provide satisfying career opportunities for professionals from all walks of life. Building on our staff-focused approach, we are excited to introduce VMoms, a collection of policies created in memory of the unique challenges mothers face in the workplace.

These policies will allow us to create an enabling, inclusive, and participatory environment where working mothers can excel in their profession while never risking their lives or their time with their families. ”

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