VAVO Digital rolls out its new #InThisTogether campaign


The influencer platform VAVO digital launched its new #InThisTogether campaign to spread positivity in the current time of uncertainty. The campaign aims to create one-month-long positive activity, interaction, and content with a pool of around 70 influencers from all over the country.

VAVO Digital is an online digital platform that was born amid the pandemic when there was an upsurge in influencer marketing. VAVO Digital aims to provide a one-stop platform for all brands and influencers, be it mega, macro or micro. The platform helps influencers come together to create campaigns by streamlining the process of influencer marketing. The platform breaks the conventionalized idea of celebrity influencers and lets all kinds of content creators shine.

Being an influencer platform VAVO Digital understands the significance and power that optimistic and engagement activities hold. These constructive engagement activities help in creating a long-lasting effect on the minds of people. The #InThisTogether is a socially driven campaign that aims to spread positivity by streamlining the idle energies and hollow thoughts of people into something productive, with the help of special interactive and engaging content by the VAVO team.

The campaign looks forward to being a motivation to people during these unprecedented times. The objective of the #InThisTogether campaign is to provide activities and engagements the help people focus on hope amid the hopelessness the pandemic has brought into every Indian household. The one-month-long campaign aims to curb the pessimistic environment and to foster the spirit of hope. The daily dose of events, discussions, and content would help people to focus on the greater good and help viewers to change their perspective. 

The founder and CEO of VAVO Digital, Neha Puri Commented that “During the pandemic, watching news channels or scrolling through social media platforms are extremely depressing due to the immense pool of heart-breaking news”. The team of VAVO Digital aims to provide an abundance of positive content amid all the negativity. The platform aims to help people get over the anxiety and mental stress caused due to the pandemic. The one-month-long campaign intends to create a positive environment and spread the spirit of hope. The #InThisTogether campaign will help the viewers to get through their days in lockdown by helping them to keep negativity off their minds.

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