Vicks India signs with Ranveer Singh


Vicks India, the leading sensational brand company which fights against fever and cold symptoms now joins hands with their new brand ambassador Ranveer Singh in the main agenda to build a deeper connection with the youth and enable them to speak confidently in the front space of the world being “Khich Khich” free. 

In this scenario where fever and cold have turned into daily routines in our lives, Vicks India has been a great relief to many people, I including one among them, and they signed with Ranveer Singh has taken a new way enabling the youth of our generation to uphold confidence despite their sickness and get their work done without any irritation.

As we all know Ranveer Singh is a man packed with full energy not just on the screen but off the screen, his mass appeal attracted Vicks to hold hands with him bringing in the focus of their main idea to the youth through him.

His unbeatable energy, outspoken personality, quirky style, and above all the confidence of beating anything that intrudes in his way has made Vicks India aim to reinforce the message in the youth of our generation to bid farewell to “Khich Khich” and face the world with confidence and resonate with a weirder audience in the scale.

Sharing the thoughts of Ranveer Singh when he collaborated with Vicks India, he stated that Vicks has always been a part of his home and life when he was growing up and he always used to turn to Vicks when he got sick during his childhood.

He always used Vicks Cough Drop to get relief from his sore throat and he is way more excited to associate with Vicks Brand which has always been a part of him and still being one among it.

He also adds that he believes in encouraging the youth to speak “Khich Khich” freely and enabling them to face the world in their most adequate form.

The Senior Director and Category Head, Personal Healthcare, Procter and Gamble of the Vicks India, Sahil Sethi, added along with Ranveer Singh that Vicks way years back when it got introduced it followed the same motto as now enabling the people to be a relief during their fever and cold days and also to speak “Khich Khich” free.

Signing Ranveer Singh as the brand ambassador will only help Vicks India to connect the audience on a deeper level with their “Khich Khich” free notion. With Ranveer Singh partnership Vicks India will get connected naturally to this widened audience and make everyone have a “Khich Khich” free life.

Vicks India Brand that has a legacy of over 125 years from its root form to what it is today, has been a great sustainable relief to us. Don’t be late to get your relief during your sickness. 

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